The Need For Hospital Information System And How It Can Benefit Hospitals In Malaysia

The healthcare sector is an essential and significant part of the current society. The technological innovations in healthcare have also seen a tremendous growth contributing to the advancement of the industry.

Health care concepts have undergone tremendous changes. This has ultimately led to higher expectations and an increase in demand for high-quality medical care and facilities.

Healthcare organisations are starting to see the need for a system that can manage and integrate clinical, financial, and operational information efficiently. In order to fulfil this need, a hospital information system Malaysia needs to be developed.

hospital information system malaysia

A Solution To A Problem

The hospital information system is designed to manage healthcare data. It is a comprehensive information system that collects, store, manage and transmit a patient’s electronic medical record Malaysia. It also conveys a hospital’s operational management or a system supporting healthcare policy decisions.

The aim of the hospital information system is to achieve the best possible support of patient care. It also helps improve hospital’s administration by acquiring data and presenting data through networked electronic data processing.

The system is focused on keeping and storing patient’s data in the information system database. Patient’s data include their health history, previous medications and also previous diagnosis. This is also known as an electronic medical record, EMR Malaysia or electronic health record, EHR.

emr malaysia

The electronic medical record completely replaces the paper version of a patient’s medical history. The EMR is also designed to share data with other EMR so that healthcare providers can access a patient’s healthcare data more effectively.

The EMR in Malaysia records down patient’s information such as their health data, test results and previous treatment.

Managing Patients Effectively

The hospital information system can also be considered as the doctor and patient management system.

The hospital information system can optimise consultation duration and reduce patients’ waiting time. This can ultimately enhance the ability of healthcare professionals to coordinate and deliver better healthcare with Wammap.

Healthcare professionals can assess a patient’s health information and medical history at the tip of their fingers. This allows for efficient visualisation of patient medical history by healthcare professionals that enhance their clinical decisions.

hospital information system

Integration Of Business Operations

The hospital information system can also be an excellent clinic management system Malaysia. The system allows healthcare organisations to effectively manage their official documentation, financial situation reports and even laboratory test results.

This will definitely improve the quality of documentation and enhance information integrity. The hospital information system also help reduces transcription errors and duplication of information entries.

Healthcare organisations will also be able to keep track of the stock of their products. This will allow healthcare organisations to avoid overstock problems that are bad for their business. The hospital information system will also improve communication by providing internal and external communication among health care providers.

Demand For Hospital Information System

Healthcare organisations are becoming more reliant on the hospital information system. This is to aid healthcare providers in the medical diagnosis, management and education for better and improved services and practices.

The hospital information system also acts as a knowledge sharing or knowledge hub. This is because knowledge can be transferred through the system, and the experience will not be stored and wasted. This will help future generations of healthcare providers to be more alert and aware.

The implementation of EMR system in Malaysia is inevitable as healthcare organisations need to be able to accommodate the healthcare growth.

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