The 5 Clever Use of Fiberglass Malaysia That You Don’t Know About

Did you hear about fiberglass before? It may sound odd to you, but FRP is actually found almost anywhere in the products that you are using right now.

Fiberglass is formed into pieces in the shape of fiber by making them use on different occasions. The material was famous for using in as insulation, cladding, surface coating, and roofing raw material.

Fiberglass is considered one of the modern materials that have various purposes today. Scroll down to read more to understand about FRP lining.

World War Two

The use of this widely known composite started during world war two. In the past, people find it as a suitable reinforcing material proved that it is elusive. The first one who invented it uses the equipment for glass wool home insulation.

This material production was relatively low in the past as the engineering characteristics are not well known. Nonetheless, the initial applications were using fiberglass to protect equipment, which functions as radar and ducting.

The Use in the Present Industry

Fast forward to now, there are approximately two million tons of material produced worldwide. It has a widespread use based on several features thanks to the low-cost characteristics.

frp coating

Advantage That You Never Thought Of

Several benefits of the material include low weight, high strength, corrosion-free, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, easy to work with, minimal maintenance, sustainable, and thermally insulating.

The material has been growing with our life as it was the raw material of the first insulation materials. Some of the application that greatly upscales the living standard was to use fiberglass to make insulation panels, roof panels, and roof plates.

frp tank malaysia

Fiberglass is chemically and mechanically more durable and created a useful aesthetic image. It is also preferred in the construction industry, thanks to the strength and productivity advantages embedded.

Waterproof is also one of the fiberglass material characteristics. Fiberglass supplier Malaysia was heavily utilized in indoor installations in which water is used frequently in the area.

Fiberglass also provides excellent protection of structure against heat, corrosion, rust, and impacts. You may find it surprising, but fiberglass also has a certain level of fire resistance to it. Thus, it makes the building where you are living a healthy and safe living space.

Airplane Structure

Custom made sculpture is used widely in the aviation and aerospace industry. It serves as an alternative material which better suit the application. For instance, engine cowlings, luggage racks, ducting, and storage bins.

Cars You Are Driving

As for the automotive industry, fiberglass tank Malaysia has a significant contribution to replacement body parts. As the tooling cost of using fiberglass is lower when compared to metal press assemblies.

Although the body of cars are not made of fiberglass furniture which you may already know. But commercial vehicles you are looking in the market now contain multiple moulded fiberglass parts. For instance, battery covers, wheelhouses, and dashboards are made from fiberglass.

frp lining

Boats That Sails Fiberglass

For those of you who had to go to the ship before. Don’t be a surprise, as fiberglass is suited to boat building, it has made the construction of the boat to become cheaper for volume production and its ability for automation.

Roller Coaster You Are Riding

Great for you, who are frequently playing in theme parks and playgrounds since children. A fiberglass pool can be found in the general application of such an instrument.

The lightweight, cost-effective solution allows fiberglass water slides to be used in large-scale theme parks. As it can stand against the weather and wind as well.

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