How Penetration Testing Malaysia Can Increases the Security System

After launching the software, it is important to secure the data inside the software to prevent it from being hacked or stolen by hackers. Much software out there has security but the main thing is how strong the security is on the software.  That is because some software has security but it may be easily get hacked by attackers.

Therefore, to solve the problem or strengthen the security is by having a penetration test by any penetration testing company to test the proneness of software hacking

compromise assessment

This penetration testing service providers will conduct a full compromise test by hacking in the software hence when the software is able to be hacked it will be known as the weak part of the software.

Then the software developer will need to further enhance the security of the weak part to prevent it from threats. It is recommended that companies who own software are best to conduct the penetration test regularly. 

Choosing the Right Company for the Penetration Test 

As technology is getting more advanced, it means that hackers are able to hack a system much easier. Therefore, it is best to choose the top pen test companies to service the test for better security of the software. That is because these companies have the skills and reputable to conduct the service. 

forensic malaysia

However, businesses are able to select any pentest company in Malaysia as the company is rather good at conducting the service. That being said, as it is easier for the attacker to hack into the software with the help of an established pentest company it will certainly be safer for the software from being attacked. 

No Worries When the Software Gets Hacked

It is very common that some company’s software gets hacked even though the company has done a penetration test. An individual is able to report to any computer forensics Malaysia if the software gets hacked. Therefore, the report will be under investigation to find the attacker.

However, when individual software has been hacked it is recommended to report to any digital forensic Malaysia to prevent it from further damages. Therefore, these forensic will see the user history, emails and many more to track down the attacker. 

Cases of Cyber Crime under Investigation

When an individual’s software is under attack by any hackers, the professional security hacker will be put under the investigation list. Therefore, forensic services Malaysia will classify under a few categories such as intellectual property theft, forgeries, fraud and etc.  That being said, forensic that specialize in a certain category will have the skills to perform the activity.


Based on the report, it stated that every day there is at least a couple of cyber crime cases in Malaysia. However, one of the most common cases is financial scams that are conducted by hackers. Most of it comes from personal loan scams and online transactions made by hackers.

That being said, many companies who do transactions daily especially banks are being protected with Pci dss companies Malaysia. These companies are to secure the transaction of credit cards and debit cards. 

Ways to Strengthen the Security of Software

There are companies out there who specialize in software security such as cybersecurity training Malaysia. These companies will teach on how easy is to hack into software even though the software has security. That is because security is not strong enough in the software hence the Cask training course Malaysia will teach them ways to strengthen it. The benefits are that an individual who joins the course will receive a Cox certification training Malaysia hence is beneficial for software development companies.

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